Animal Services

Pet Licensing:

The Town of Nobleford requires all cats and dogs within the Town to be properly licensed with the Town Office. If you own more than two cats or more than two dogs, you will need to obtain a Fanciers License, which allows you to posses up to three cats or three dogs per household. Animal license are valid for one calendar year and are due for renewal on January 31st, every year.

Click here for a dog license application.

Click here for a cat license application.

Once you have completed your license application, you can submit it to the Town either in person or by email at along with your payment. For information on making payments, please visit our Payments Page. Once processed, your animal tag will be available for pick up. 

If your animal is altered, the Town will require proof of alteration to provide you with the reduced rate.

Dog License Fees
Cat License Fees
Unaltered Dog$30.00Unaltered Cat$30.00
Altered Dog$20.00Altered Cat$20.00
Dog Fancier's License$30.00Cat Fancier's License$30.00

Don't forget to familiarize yourself with the associated bylaws so that you can practice responsible pet ownership!

Click here for Bylaw #688 (Cat Control Bylaw)

Click here for Bylaw #689 (Dog Control Bylaw)

Urban Hen Licensing:

The Town of Nobleford allows the keeping of Urban Hens. For more information on the Urban Hen Program, please click here.

Click here for an urban hen license application.

Non-refundable Application $10.00
License $50.00

Lost & Missing Pets

If your pet goes lost or missing, please contact the Town office so we can attempt to reunite you with your lost or missing pet. Please ensure your pet wears their animal tag to help make identification easier for uniting.  

If you have found a dog or cat, please contact the Town office and we will attempt to reunite the animal with their owner. 

Follow our Facebook page to stay informed on any lost or missing pets picked up by the Town of Nobleford.

Animal Control Complaints:

If you are having an issue with an animal, it is recommended you attempt to speak to the owner to attempt to resolve the issue. If you would like to submit an animal control complaint, please fill out this form.

Please note that complaints made against barking dogs are recommended to submit a time log of barking occurrences.