Public Works

Snow Removal

The Public Works department works to remove snow as soon as reasonably possible, within twenty-four (24) hours during the work week. Public Works makes every effort to ensure that the roads are passable. The order of priority for snow plowing follows:

  1. Highway Avenue
  2. King Street and Fire Hall
  3. Centennial Avenue
  4. All other streets

Note: The Town does not plow alleys and laneways unless for service vehicle access.

Public Works also does routine snow removal in priority of the following order:

  1. Town Municipal Office
  2. Pathway, Centennial Avenue to Glen Street
  3. Community Complex
  4. Centennial Park
  5. Both sides of King Street, Fire Hall
  6. Walking Path
  7. Any other sidewalk plowing shall be at the discretion of the PWF on a priority basis. 

Waste Removal

The Public Works department collects garbage on Mondays (unless it is a statutory holiday, then it will be the following Tuesday), and brings it to the Transfer Station. In the event that garbage pickup in alley ways is not possible, garbage should be placed in the front of property for pickup. If you should have any questions as to where you should place your garbage for pickup, please contact the Town Office. 

Water Treatment

The Town of Nobleford is one of the only municipalities that produce its own drinking water within the County of Lethbridge.

Our raw water is sourced from the LNID Canal south of town. We have three raw water reservoirs for storage, which are filled with water from the Canal during the summer months; from these reservoirs the water is pumped to our Membrane Filtration plant on the outskirts of Nobleford. Our current Water Treatment Plant was originally built in 2004, and heavily upgraded in 2008 in order to increase our capacity.

Once at the treatment plant, the water is filtered, chlorinated, and stored before being pumped to customers.

The Town is also proud to provide potable water to the Village of Barons, as well as residents of Lethbridge County.