Recreation and Leisure


Noble Blade Park
Noble Blade Park is situation to the east of Nobleford, the park has an extensive walking path, surrounded by greenery and the Noble Blade.
Rubie Park
Rubie Park features a benches and a picnic table, as well as a large double swing, two spinner bowls, a climbing wall, a swing set, and a slide.
Centennial Park
Originally constructed in 1967 to celebrate Canada's centennial anniversary, Centennial Park features greenery, a walking path, benches, picnic benches, playground, and lighting.
Spray Park
Nobleford features a solar-powered Spray Park, which opens the last week of June until the first week of September. The Park also features washrooms, outdoor fitness equipment, basketball court, playground, and picnic tables.

Skate Park
The Town of Nobleford's skate park is located right beside the Community Complex for accessible use. The Skate Park is currently undergoing a rehabilitation project.