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The Town of Nobleford is excited to unveil its new logo! In early 2023, the Town recognized the need for a new Town logo to improve the Town’s visual identity.  A visual identity is how an organization represents itself to the public, making it recognizable and bringing familiarity when one sees it. The Town sought to strengthen its visual identity by increasing branding on Town related business. The former Town logo underwent several modifications throughout the years, resulting in low quality and inconsistent versions of the logo, leading to major distortion when reproduced. To resolve this issue, the logo needed to be redrawn to create a higher quality and usable version. Recognizing the costs associated with graphic design, the Town found it favourable to modify the logo one last time to create a strong, modern visual identity for years to come. 


Throughout the logo creation process, Administration, under the direction of Council, worked closely with the graphic design team at Zircon Graphics to create a logo which encompasses the essence of Nobleford. In the 2022 Resident Satisfaction Survey, when asked “what do you love most about Nobleford?” the majority of respondents indicated the “small-town/community feel”. With the idea of community in mind, Council wanted to ensure the logo did not stray far from what matters most to residents. Council also recognized that within their Strategic Plan, they identified Strategic Priority #4: Enhance Town Appearance and sought to achieve this through “beautifying the Town of Nobleford to foster community pride”. The new logo, being carefully curated to embody the essence of Nobleford, as well as receiving input from Nobleford residents, seeks to foster community pride, as you all had a voice in your community’s new visual identity. 


In the coming months, we will be excited to see the new logo implemented throughout the Town. We would like to thank all those who participated in the Town Logo Survey, and would like to ensure that all responses were carefully considered as no voice in Nobleford goes unheard! Keep your eyes peeled for the new logo!



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Frequently Asked Questions:


Why did the Town create a new logo?

The Town wanted to increase its usage of the Town logo, however, there were no high-quality versions of the logo which could be used without the final product being blurry and distorted. After extensively researching other municipal logos, the Town recognized that modernizing its current logo would strengthen its visual identity and improve its professionalism. 

Who provided input on the new logo?

The new Town logo initially received input from Council and Administration before requesting public input. Meaning that all of Nobleford collectively helped to provide input on the new logo. A logo for the people, chosen by the people!

What did you change from the options presented in the survey?

Council reviewed the survey results and comments, and found that the most favourable designs were options three and four, and the least favourable were options one and two. Council decided to proceed with the design from option three/four but had the colours modified to brighten the logo and coincide with the School’s colours.

Why include “Town of”? What will happen to the logo if we grow?

Including “Town of” in the logo and “Est 1918” in the wordmark is a reminder of how much we have grown and accomplished. The Town has a lot of growing to do before we become a city, so “Town of” will be fitting for many years to come!

How much will this cost?

Often, graphic design services can cost tens of thousands of dollars, however the Town was vey mindful of their budget and was successful in creating a new Town logo. Ultimately, the final cost of the logo was only $300.00.

The implementation of the new logo will also be cost effective, as most of it will occur digitally, which is free to do! The Town does not have pre-printed letter head with the logo, rather, we use a digital template in all official correspondence. Future branding costs will likely result from branding Town owned vehicles and/or Public Works staff which will make the Town’s presence more recognizable around Town!

When will we start to see the new logo?

Right away! Check out the Town website or Facebook page to see the new logo already in use. The logo and/or wordmark will be used in all Town communications, including letters, utility bills, receipts, email signatures to ensure consistency and a united front. In the coming months, keep your eyes peeled for Town vehicles and Public Works staff representing the new logo.

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