Below you will find the Town's current and recently completed projects. The projects are updated as they progress to ensure residents are kept up to date on major Town projects. 

Raw Water Reservoir 

"The Raw Water Reservoir Rehabilitation and Expansion Project includes a complete rehabilitation to two of the Town's three raw water reservoir, as well as a 25% expansion to one of the rehabilitated reservoirs..."

5 Avenue Subdivision

"The 5 Avenue Subdivision will see the addition of 11 fully serviced residential lots..."

Kipp-12 Street Road Repair

"The road and intersections on Railway Avenue, from Kipp to 12th Street, will receive repairs in the summer of 2023..."

Town Office

"The Town Office will receive a new building and location to improve services provided to residents. The office will be wheelchair accessible, providing better access to Town employees and Council Meetings."

Skatepark Rehabilitation Project

"The Town's pickleball courts, which were constructed in 2022, will receive a special court surface treatment, as well as the installation of nets and windscreens..."